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French Writing BUNDLE / Ensemble d'écriture: "Comment écrire..."

Created by
Mme McIntosh
Get set for Back to School with this FRENCH Writing Bundle! Perfect for Primary and Junior students alike! Click on the following individual links for further descriptions of what's included with each product!1. French Narrative Writing - Comment écrire une histoire2. French Procedural Writing - Comment écrire la marche à suivre3. French Letter Writing - Comment écrire une lettre4. French Opinion Writing - Comment écrire un texte d'opinion**Don't forget to leave feedback! Leaving feedback earns

French sentence starter prompts

French sentence starter prompts Includes: 34 sentence starters/prompts to help with oral communication and sentence generation in French classrooms (French Immersion or Core French) Suggestions for use: ♦ Let students pull one card at a time to prompt a conversation as a class ♦ Choose one each morning as part of a morning routine ♦ Add as a centre to use with partners ♦ Use in your writing centre for writing ideas ♦ Introduce one card a week to build your students' bank of starters ★Please

FRENCH Back-to-School All About Me Flip Book - ME VOICI! - La rentrée scolaire

Created by
French Frenzy
French Back-to-School Flip Book Activity - This file includes a fun and interactive French All About Me/Me Voici Flip Book for Back-to-School. The flip book includes a total of 5 pages and is very easy to cut and assemble. No glue required! This is a great way for students to share information about themselves and introduce themselves to their class at the beginning of the year. The final result makes for a great display! For a close-up of the finished product, please take a look at the product

Le Théâtre des lecteurs, les contes de fées (Reader's Theater French Immersion)

Created by
Ms Joanne
These 11 fairy tale reader‘s theatre scripts are especially written for French language learners, with roles for all readers, from Emergent to Fluent. Reading levels are geared towards French Immersion/Dual Language Grade 1 and 2 students, but could be used with any beginner-low intermediate French Language class. All scripts are stories of well-known fairy tales so allow students to build their French fluency and vocabulary while avoiding the frustration of not understanding the plot of the s

French Immersion homework duotang - poems and songs - and activities

French Immersion homework duotang - poems and songs Everything you need to set up a homework duotang for grades 1 and 2 French Immersion! Also includes many reading and writing activities that go with the poems. These can be used in class throughout the week! Includes:♦ Sample letter to include in the duotang to explain it to parents♦ Practice tracking sheets♦ Teacher tracking sheet (when planning which poems to do which week)♦ Poems, songs, and reading/writing activity sheets to go with them! *

French Reading Comprehension - Compréhension de lecture en français - 20 textes

French Reading Comprehension Passages: Cette ressource contient 20 compréhensions de lecture qui permettront aux élèves de démontrer les stratégies apprises en classe. Il y a quatre questions par page. Ces compréhensions de lecture peuvent être utilisées avec le groupe classe ou en clinique avec de petits groupes. Je vous encourage à cliquer sur "preview" afin de juger si cette ressource est convenable pour vos élèves. 20 compréhensions de lecture:-Regarde dans l’arbre-Meilleures amies-Le cadeau

French Writing / Écriture: Paragraphe de la semaine [DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED]

Created by
Mme McIntosh
This "Paragraphe de la semaine" Writing Product contains 12 weeks worth of writing prompts from various genres: narrative, opinion, and informational. WHAT'S INCLUDED:- Word wall list for student reference: "Liste de mots fréquents"- 12 different writing prompts- Copies for vocabulary study and brainstorming- Copies for "Brouillon" with an auto-correction checklist- Copies for "La copie propre" with option for extra lines- Blank copy of "Paragraphe de la semaine" to come up with your own writing

French Personal Dictionary - Mon dictionnaire personnel

Are you looking for a resource to support your French students in their writing and spelling? Then a personal dictionary is for you!A personal dictionary is like a portable word wall, and is easily differentiated to the needs of all learners. I place these pages in duotangs and my students love to keep their dictionaries from year to year! This resource includes:Cover or Title PageAlphabetical word bank of common sight wordsspace for students to add their own words4 reference pages (colours,

FRENCH Oral Communication/Vocabulary CATEGORIES Game

Created by
Mme McIntosh
Looking for a fun activity to play with your class WHILE they practice their French Oral Communication skills and French Vocabulary? Then this CATEGORIES game is just what you need! With up to 9 games, and 54 different topics, your students will have a great time practicing their Oral French in a collaborative setting. The categories vary from: "le titre d'un livre" to "le nom d'une ville ou pays". This game is can be adapted for a variety of grades depending on the number of games you play as w

FRENCH Emergent Reader for French Immersion Bundle | français

French high-frequency words (mots fréquents): this bundle of easy readers are perfect for your "lecteurs débutants". The printable booklets include activities such as cutting and pasting images to check on simple reading comprehension. Your students will also be working on their writing by copying, colouring, and tracing the focus word in each book.These French readers introduce simple vocabulary and predictable sentence structures that your students will understand with the support of fun illus

Community Helpers Sorting Mats

Created by
Fairy Poppins
This community helpers activity includes sorting mats to help kids learn about the roles of a firefighter, doctor, police, mail carrier, chef, construction worker and vet.Please Note:You'll need to unzip this file in order to print the PDFs. Please see the TpT help link here for instructions on how to do this.Please read my Terms of Use. This resource is for personal classroom use by the teacher who downloads it only. Reselling it in any format is NOT permitted. A special thank you to all of you

French Digital Sight Words Bundle | French BOOM Cards | Les mots fréquents

Mots fréquents | These French sight words task cards are digital and will provide great practice for your kids in “maternelle” or “première année”. In French, sight words can be called “mots fréquents”, “mots usuels”, or “mots outils”, but no matter how you call them, they are French high frequency words. These French task cards are the perfect French sight words activity for improving audio recognition of “mots fréquents”. Internet connection required.Check out these Instagram posts to see the

Napperons de l'alphabet: French Alphabet Activity Mats

Do your French Immersion students need help working with their fine motor skills and the French alphabet? These versatile activity mats are a great addition to any alphabet learning program and will help develop your student's letter formation skills in a fun and engaging way!.You can use these mats in a variety of ways:As a printable in a duotang - use one a day as you teach each letterLaminate the cards and place in a center for use with a dry erase markerWork on one a day as a bell work acti

25 French Brain Breaks for DPA and Classroom Management

Created by
French Frenzy
This product includes 25 French Brain Breaks that you can use with your class when you think they are in need of a short break or during your DPA program. Each brain break takes on average two minutes to complete.You may choose to use this with your whole class or with specific students who may require it more often than others. You can either choose an activity at random, have the student choose one or do several activities for a few minutes. This is ideal for situations where students are at t

French Journal Writing Ideas - Mon journal quotidien (90 idées pour l'écriture)

Created by
French Frenzy
French Journal Writing Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Boards: This product includes 10 French Tic-Tac-Toe choice boards for journal writing. Each choice board has 9 different journal writing topics in French, for a total of 90 journal prompts. Students must choose three topics from each choice board, provided that the three topics they choose form a Tic-Tac-Toe. If you do one choice board per month (3 journal entries), you will have enough for the whole year.The choices provided in the choice boards promote

Primary French discussion prompt cards

Primary French discussion prompt cards Use as whole class, small group, or centre activity with Immersion or Core French students! Ideas: ♦ Attach cards on a ring, have students flip through them and quiz their group ♦ Lay a few cards out in a grid, play a game with answering them ♦ Read a card to the whole class, have students answer the question with the person beside them ♦ Work through the questions during small group instruction to practice basic French with your students Works for: ♦

FRENCH Alphabet Directed Drawing - Dessin dirigé (alphabet en français)

Looking for a unique way to help your students learn an anchor word for each letter of the French alphabet? This French alphabet direct drawing resource will help you do just that! Along with learning the French alphabet, this resource will encourage your students to add more details to their drawings and increase their confidence when they draw.Directed drawing is a great way to engage your students, increase their confidence, and help them learn the alphabet while covering art outcomes!In this

Mot du jour French word of the day | Mots fréquents-French sight words bell work

Mots fréquents | French sight words daily work activity: these worksheets are great to practice high-frequency words (mots outils, or mots usuels). Your students won’t feel overwhelmed by vocabulary because they’ll be focusing on one French sight word a day: le mot du jour! This can be your French morning work / bell work.Includes 188 printable worksheets to get students practicing “LE MOT DU JOUR”. Most of the words are words for 1st grade in French and some other easy words.Students will:→ rea


Created by
French Frenzy
This French Guided Reading Package includes everything you need to set up your Guided Reading Program in a French Immersion classroom. The package includes a variety of activities and templates that can easily be adapted for Grades 2-5. For a preview of the items included in the finished product, including photographs of the finished product, please click on PREVIEW.Here is a detailed breakdown of what is included in this package, in order by page:Pg. 6-7: Table of ContentsPg. 8: Cover page for

Les sons français: French Sound Posters

This package contains 59 reference posters of various French sounds. Each sound is represented by a word and the target sound is highlighted in red. These posters make a great reference/review of sounds taught for your students.For more work on the French sounds, please take a look at my series "Mon cahier des sons":French Phonics Activities Mega Bundle .Keep in Touch:Blog: www.teachingfrenchimmersion.comFacebookPinterestDon’t miss out on all the latest news and freebies for La classe de Mada

French phonics – Les sons français: Cut and Paste Mini-Book | French Sounds

Pour la conscience phonologique | French Sounds (les sons français): there's nothing like cutting and pasting to get your kids excited about learning French phonics! This fun and effective activity will increase your students French phonemic awareness because it’s hands-on and simple.There are three images per page. Students cut and paste the images that include the sound/grapheme on the page. One of the images will not be used - don't worry about waste because I suggest an extension activity to

French Digital Phonics MEGA Bundle | French BOOM Cards French Distance Learning

La conscience phonologique | This is a French phonics MEGA bundle of digital task cards (Boom Cards) to practice French sounds and the words that include the sounds. French Boom Cards require Internet connection to be played.Currently, this bundle includes 140 decks (2,153 cards)!IF I add cards to the bundle, the price will be readjusted accordingly. But previous buyers get the new cards for FREE!GRAPHEMES included so far:* O /o/* AU /o/* EAU /o/* OU /u/* OI /wa/* GN /ɲ/* CH /ʃ/* A /a/* E /ə/* I

French Back to School All About Me - Rentrée scolaire - Me voici

Created by
French Buzz
Intégrations:- Lecture- Écriture- La rentrée scolaire- Centre de littératieCes deux fiches sont aussi incluses dans le document "Cahier d'activités de l'élève". Cliquez-ici!Dans ce document, vous allez trouver 2 fiches que vos élèves peuvent utiliser pour se présenter pendant les premières journées d'école.Fiche 1: Moi!- Nom- Age- Date de naissance- Les membres de ma famille (+dessin)- Portrait (dessin)- Mes amis (+dessin)- Ma description physique (couleurs des yeux, des cheveux, taille)- Ma sig

French Sight Words - Mots fréquents en français

Les mots fréquents représentent environ 50% des mots présents dans un texte. Quand les élèves connaissent les mots fréquents, leur lecture devient plus facile.Économisez plus de 20% en achetant "Mots fréquents - (série 1 et 2) - Mots fréquents - Ensemble completOU ÉCONOMISEZ 25% en achetant L'ENSEMBLE COMPLET SÉRIE 1-2-3-4: MOTS FRÉQUENTS - ENSEMBLE COMPLETCette ressource contient 70 pages prêtes à imprimer pour l’apprentissage et la révision des mots fréquents. Chacune des pages contient les ac
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