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Spelling Practice in a Snap

Created by
Anna Brantley
Buy the Spelling in a Snap BUNDLE & SAVE $$!Need to spice up your word work stations and/or spelling practice in your classroom? This packet includes 20 print and go activities that are sure to keep your students engaged and having fun while working with words! Read about how I use them in my classroom here!Activities included:Colorful Roll and Write (up to 20 words)Fancy Frames ( 3 different options- 10-20 words)Five Ways (2 different page options- 10-20 words)Magical Words (2 different pag

Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages Phonics Worksheets + Science of Reading

Are you looking to save time planning to teach your students phonics? These reading comprehension passages cover multiple skills at once to help you meet the needs of ALL your learners who are on different reading levels. They are phonics-based and have been proven to boost children's reading scores, all while having fun where they don't even know they are learning! The phonics reading comprehension passages provide children with the practice of multiple skills all in one time period. These litt

Sight Word Practice, Sentences, Games, Books, Science of Reading High Frequency

Created by
Simply Kinder
50% OFF Sight Word Practice, Sentences, Games, Books, Science of Reading High FrequencyGrab this as part of our Sight Word MEGA Bundle and save 98% (with the extra 50% through July 11th). It includes:This Endless Sight Word UnitSight Words by Phonics SkillsSight Word Activity BooksAll Science of Reading Aligned, low prep, and student favorites! This is a GIANT BUNDLE of Sight Word Activities files you and your students will love. Your Sight Word Practice just became so much better with this hu

Writing Silly Sentences | Silly Rainbow Sentences

Writing sentences - Silly Sentences writing center for building sentences. Perfect for distance learning. There are Silly Sentences Writing Prompts for the entire year. Comes with BW and color options. Check out the feedback on the individual sets to see how other teachers have loved it. DIGITAL VERSION can be found HERE.☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆Bundle 2 is more challenging than set 1. Silly Sentences Bundle 2You can see the Themed Silly Sentences here: Themed Silly SentencesWant all 3 sets for a d

Reading Response Menus Digital and Printable *EDITABLE*

“Great resource to hold students accountable by writing about what they are reading and using evidence from the text. My students enjoy these because they feel like they have a choice and it's not just a prompt for everyone. Thank you!” - Jennifer B.Every week, a teacher must grapple with an ancient mystery: “I love that my students are reading independently! But, how do I make sure they understand what they’re reading? How do I hold them accountable?”Wonder no more! These Reading Response Menus

Math Centers Bundle THIRD GRADE

This math centers bundle for 3rd grade is honestly a lifesaver. It has everything you need to cover all of the math skills your students need to practice for an entire year. Your students will have so many opportunities to practice their math skills!Maybe you want to prep an entire year’s worth of Math Centers before the first day of school. Or maybe you’re running out of steam mid-year and need some fresh ideas. The 90 centers in this bundle can help you with both!Implementing these centers is

Area and Perimeter Robot Craft

The year is 2030, and kids everywhere rejoice because they no longer have to do chores! Instead, they can build robots that do chores for them. There’s just one hitch: unless your students understand Area and Perimeter, the robots won’t work!In this fun activity, each student will create a different robot according to the Area and Perimeter specs on the card given to them. The result? A classroom full of paper robots ready to take on all of those chores! Well, probably only one chore: being part

Book Club Fiction and Nonfiction Bundle Digital and Printable

I LOVE that this can work for ANY book.  I have packets made for my small group and I can easily have them flip to the page to work.  It is awesome! Thank you!” - Amy B.You’ve heard Book Clubs (or Literature Circles) are a fun way to get your students reading and talking about books. You’ve even heard Book Clubs make reading fun for your most reading-averse students. But how do you start them? How do you run them effectively? How do you make sure all your students—regardless of reading level—ge

Grammar Third Grade Activities: Year-Long BUNDLE

This has literally been a lifesaving purchase!  … It's WAY better than I thought!  My kids love it, I love it, and it's super easy, consistent, and FUN!  If you do not own it, STOP waiting!  You need this in your life =) - Loretta G. Our UPDATED third grade grammar full-year bundle makes teaching grammar a piece of cake. Grammar is so important for kids to understand, but it can be tough to teach. There are so many rules and exceptions. It’s easy to second-guess yourself. And let’s face it, gram

End of Year Awards EDITABLE- 80 Color and B&W

These editable end of the year awards will help you celebrate the end of the school year in red carpet style. Forget the Golden Globes and the Oscars–your students are the real award-winners! Celebrate how much they have learned this year with a classroom awards ceremony. These easy-to-use awards make it simple to recognize each student for their growth and unique talents. An updated fillable PDF makes it even easier to fill out the awards.The Amazing Artist, Computer Whiz, and Social Studies Su

Reading Test Prep Centers

“Finally! A FUN way to review! My kids really liked this last year. Will use again this year!” - Anna C.  At Not So Wimpy Teacher, we know how stressful it can be to help your students prep for standardized testing. It can feel like there’s so much to cover and so little time.  That’s why I created this resource. It is your COMPLETE kit for preparing your students for standardized testing on their reading skills. It has everything you need to help you review the standards for literature and info

Math Interactive Notebook Bundle for 3rd Grade

These interactive notebooks are terrific!  They are thorough, allow for differentiation, and keep the kids learning and engaged.” - Helane L.Interactive Notebooks are a FUN way to teach and practice math! Why? They differ from traditional note taking, where students focus on copying notes from the teacher more than understanding the material they’re writing down. Interactive Notebooks instead allow students to interact with (hey-o!) and think about the material. They’ve honestly transformed the

Classroom Decor Classroom Rules with Writing Activities

Chevron classroom decor editable classroom rules. Please preview to see all items included. There are also writing activities included that we complete once we have introduced the rules to simply check for understanding and help cement the rule in place.Classroom Rules included:❀We raise our hand to speak.❀We share with each other.❀We tell the truth.❀We work quietly when we need to.❀We follow directions the first time.❀We show respect when we work together.❀We use kind words.❀We include and enco

Personal Narrative Writing Unit THIRD GRADE

My third grade personal narrative writing unit includes 8 weeks of done-for-you writing lessons about how to write a small-moment story. This unit contains detailed lesson plans, mentor texts, anchor charts, student writing tasks, and rubrics–everything you need to be a capable, confident writing teacher with students who love to write.If teaching writing has ever made you cry, weep, tear out your hair, question your existence, or binge-watch reality television—because it’s just that frustrating

Short Vowels Activities and Phonics Worksheets No Prep BUNDLE (A E I O U)

Created by
Miss Giraffe
Short vowels: Short Vowels BUNDLE! All FIVE of my Short Vowels phonics worksheets & activities NO PREP phonics packs in a big bundle to save you both time and money! Save 20% by buying A, E, I, O, and U in this bundle! This bundle is included in an EVEN BIGGER bundle with a lot more phonics sounds!Get this in the Phonics No Prep Massive MEGA Bundle for ultimate savings!!So much short vowels word work!! Literacy stations, worksheets, homework, everything you need to teach the 5 short vowels!

Mother's Day Paper Bag Book

This paper bag book is a simple activity to do with your students! Moms will love these sweet and meaningful gift!All you need are two paper bags per student, staples and crayons to create a thoughtful gift. Students do the prompted writing and color pictures.Edited: File also includes versions for an aunt and a grandma! Perfect for those students who are not being raised by their mom! The file includes directions and color photographs of the completed book.*****************************Available

Reading Comprehension Game: Read-Opoly

This game is a fun way to get students talking about what they read! The game cards have students answering questions about character, setting, summary, problem, solution and so much more. Many of the questions are higher order thinking questions!Use this game as an alternative to a book report, during guided reading groups or as a literacy center. Students read a book (independently, in a book club or reading group) and then play the game to practice reading skills. Students who are playing the

Multiplication Interactive Notebook for 3rd grade

“LOVE LOVE LOVE each of these- my kiddos get tired of worksheets this is a great format easy to print- thorough, and over all an engaging way to get through math concepts.” – Deana D“These things are so neat! I love the hands-on approach. I use these after I've taught a quick lesson on the topic and the kids are able to do the activities quickly. They love setting everything up and I love that at the end of it, they will get to see all their hard work!”- Jayme O“I’m not good at math.”“Math is ha

Reading Exit Ticket Bundle THIRD GRADE

These reading fiction and nonfiction text passages are a quick and easy way to assess students on various literature reading skills. The exit tickets are multiple choice which makes them simple to grade. They are a quick way to check for understanding and plan future instruction and reteach.Includes 32 exit tickets.Fiction Text Skills Included:Answering Questions and ComprehensionCharacter TraitsCentral MessageVocabularyCause and EffectPoint of ViewCompare and Contrast 2 Texts*Informational Text

Writing Bundle: Personal Narrative, Informational, Opinion & Fiction 3RD GRADE

This HUGE BUNDLE includes everything you need to teach, practice, and assess writing for the entire year! Students will complete four major units of study: personal narrative, informational reports, opinion essays, and fiction narratives.My third grade writing bundle includes 4 ready-to-use writing units to help you teach personal narratives, informational reports, opinion essays, and fiction narratives with ease. Each done-for-you unit contains detailed lesson plans, mentor texts, anchor charts

Subitizing Number Sense

Created by
Kathryn Watts
Subitizing builds number sense. These subitizing cards can be used for subitizing games and other subitizing activities. The subitizing definition is the ability to quickly identify the number of objects in a set without counting. There are two types of Subitizing: Perceptual Subitizing which is the instant visual recognition of a pattern such as numbers in a ten frame. Conceptual Subitizing involves recognizing smaller groups and adding them together, for example 6 dots plus 4 dots equals 10 d

Back to School Third Day of Third Grade

Great back to school activity! Your third graders will love celebrating the third day of school and it will be the perfect way to get to know them better!The file contains 2 different types of questions:1. Getting to know you questions.2. Beginning of the year informal skills assessment questions.The file includes 24 different task cards and a recording sheet.Please check out some of my other beginning of the year products:First Day of School Paper Bag Memory BookAbout the Teacher EDITABLE BookO

Two-Step Word Problem Task Cards

Two-step word problems are a very tricky skill and these task cards will give your students that added extra practice that they desperately need. The task cards include problems that focus on all four operations.Included:Suggestions for using task cards in the classroom24 Task CardsStudent recording sheetAnswer keyYou might also be interested in some of my other math task card sets:Fraction Task Cards Numbers in Base 10 Task CardsArea Task CardsPerimeter Task CardsTime Task CardsTime Task Cards

Long Vowels Worksheets and Activities No Prep Phonics Packs BUNDLE A I O U CVCe

Created by
Miss Giraffe
Long Vowels Worksheets and Activities No Prep Phonics Packs BUNDLE to save a ton!! A I O U Long vowels word work galore! All FOUR of my Long Vowels CVCe worksheets & activities {NO PREP!} packs in a big bundle to save you both time and money!This bundle has 4 long vowel phonics packs in it: a_e, i_e, o_e, and u_e (a i o and u)Save 20% by buying these in this bundle! Or save even more and get way more phonics no prep packs by buying this in the Phonics No Prep Massive MEGA Growing Bundle for
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