Hey New-Best-Friend! This is my first blog. My first step to living out my dream! That sounds a bit corny, but it’s true! I’m 48 years old and I realize that I’m not now, nor have I been, living my best life. For 20 years, I’ve spent countless hours teaching, mentoring, loving, nursing, and leading others to their best selves. I’ve raised a daughter and watch her daily struggle to find her place in the world. I’ve been married (and divorced) twice and I’m in a long-term relationship. In all three instances, I’ve put my needs last. 

I’ve always felt like I had a lot of experiences to share and I love to write! I hope you enjoy being part of my experiences and hopes and dreams! In return, I hope you’ll be able to use a small part of what I share to further your own hopes and dreams!

Here’s to sunshine and sand!